Cancellation Policy

Guest can cancel the class 4 hours prior through online channel (Facebook/website/App/ E-mail) and 2 hours through call. Late cancellations policy is, online booking suspension for 7 days for unlimited members, 1 class deduction for class pass members.

Late Cancel & No-Show Policy

We know that life happens, and unexpected circumstances may come up! If you are not able to come to class, please call us before 2 hours of the class starting to let us know your plans have changed.

If a reservation is not cancelled before these 2 hours by either canceling yourself out of the class or notifying us through a phone call, you will be charged for that class or event. We do not accept cancellation requests through email.

If you have a class package, you will be charged 1 class for each class to which you “late cancel” or no-show. If you have an unlimited package, and you late cancel/no-show multiple times without notifying us, you will receive a warning. You will be charged a late cancel/and or no show fee of 30 AED after your warning (made via phone call or email).

Any disputes should be addressed to the studio’s email address [email protected]

Refund Policy

No refund is applicable on any membership package.