Gym Owner and Master Trainer
Michael Oyac aka Coach Mike, best known for his A-lister clientele over the past 15 years has been an avid sportsman his whole life. He has trained in track and field professionally in France where he grew up.

He decided to study Personal Training straight out of school, after finding success in his first job, he moved to Dubai in 2010 to pursue his career. Through passion, hard work and drive he has built his dream… 51 Gym!
Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer
Jihad expressed a deep interest in sports from a young age, taking it into his education later in life. With a degree in Biochemistry and a strong interest in human biology and biomechanics, Jihad’s sports interests quickly became his passion, helping to educate clients with the aim of making life easier for people caught up in their busy, fast-paced lives.

“Learn to accept your body so you can step forward with the purpose to upgrade. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to live pain free, to stay strong and improve the brain-body connection.”

Jihad’s specialities are in body building and fitness to strengthen the muscles.
Zen Manager, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer
Sarah has always been passionate about sports and fitness – from team sports at school, to water sports at the beach, to her discovery of Pilates at university in London, where she learned the benefits of the discipline on her body and mind.

“I enjoyed the neuro-muscular connection, having to really focus on my movements in order to activate specific muscle groups, becoming increasingly intrigued by the science behind the Pilates method.”

In order to deepen her understanding and skill set, Sarah trained under STOTT Pilates here in Dubai, and later learned the Lagree method in Los Angeles - understanding and comparing different schools of thought and different training modalities. She is now delving into the world of Fascia and how to connect these learnings to her teaching, to further understand movement, mindfulness and the mind-body connection.

The scope of Sarah’s training focuses on all aspects of health, fitness and wellness – from day to day functional movement and increasing body awareness, to pre and post-natal fitness, rehabilitation, and building strength and endurance.
Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer
Rafael started his fitness career in London and from a young age he has had a great passion for sports and wellbeing, which is why he specialised his education in Health & Fitness.

Along his career growth he was able to train some elite clientele including celebrities. For the past few years Rafael started focusing on youth training and the benefits that will bring to the younger generations.

Rafael is truly passionate about training and this is his most important trait. He enjoys all types of sports but has a special dedication to football and boxing.

“I believe in what I do and work hard in order for you to come out of this process happier, more confident, healthier and more importantly, with the physique you want!”

Rafael’s focus areas are weight loss & toning, and boxing coaching.
Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
Barbora is a qualified Gymnastics and Personal Trainer who is passionate about health and fitness. Sport has been and always will be a major part of her life. She is an ex professional gymnast and bikini fitness competitor.

Being a gymnastics trainer has given her experience with a wide array of clients, ranging from children to professional athletes such as hockey players, footballers, swimmers, and skiers.

As a fitness competitor Barbora also experienced and learned more about bodybuilding and strength training and is always keen to improve her knowledge and add new skills.

She is dedicated to helping people on their fitness journey no matter their ability, background or their goals. As a personal trainer, she believes it is important not just to burn calories but also to educate and guide people to a better and healthier lifestyle.
Personal Trainer
Oliver gained his interest in the fitness world at the age of 12, and was even more motivated because he was bullied for being ‘skinny’. This interest and motivation quickly developed into a deep passion. The fitness world built up Oliver’s morale, self-esteem and perspective towards life in general. Since then, he has been dedicated to finding effective and efficient ways to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat through effective training and balanced nutrition.

“I believe in a total wellness approach, based on individual fitness level and goals. I believe in educating and enabling when it comes to fitness. I believe in making fitness fun and essential for day to day life as we age.”
Yoga Instructor
Estefa is a yoga instructor at heart and full-time businesswoman by day. Yoga has transformed Estefa’s perspective on life, helping to fight fears and guiding her towards a better version of herself; she believes yoga can heal anyone.

Estefa completed her 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India, followed by a 300 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Vikasa, Thailand. She has also completed a 50-hours Yin Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Dubai and is always attending workshops and seminars to continue to deepen her knowledge and evolve her practice.

Her kindness reflects through her classes, where a combination of alignment, breathing and mindfulness will take you to a level of bliss. She combines purposeful sequencing, detailed verbal cues and expert hands on assists to help her students find a holistic experience within their yoga practice. Expect a zest of humour and a pinch of Spanish accent too!
Boxing Coach
Olya is a personal trainer and boxing coach with a background as a professional boxer and Ukrainian boxing champion, winning the 2012 Ukrainian championship among juniors at the age of 16.

Olya started boxing at 11 years old and by the age of 12 she started to compete, becoming the master of sports in July 2017. Olya tried a variety of different sports including tennis, figure skating, skiing and others. At the age of 18 she moved to Dubai and started her career at the Burj al Arab as a fitness attendant.

“You can’t ignore the pain, but you can get stronger to deal with it.””

Olya has 6 years of coaching experience and specialises in boxing techniques and losing weight, as well as increasing endurance and stamina.
Pilates and Yoga Instructor
Mona is a Pilates, Barre, Reformer, Yoga and Swing instructor. Yoga was introduced to her at a very young age, which she initially enjoyed as a hobby; later as she grew stronger in the discipline, she started practising Pilates too.

Wanting to take her hobbies to the next level, Mona acquired qualifications in Pilates, Yoga, Reformer Pilates, Barre and Life Coaching so she could teach professionally. To further deepen her knowledge on core subjects, Mona is also qualified in nutritional therapy as well as anatomy and physiology, so she understands the impact of her coaching on the human body.

Mona believes the best part of her job is connecting with clients in helping them achieve their physical, spiritual or mental goals, by providing them a safe environment in which they can learn about their bodies as well as de-stress.
Personal Trainer
Like many others, Hamza was once an overweight boy with very little self-confidence. In his late teenage years, he decided to stop settling and went about educating himself about health and wellness, and looking deep into exercise and nutrition.

Not only was he able to lose an astonishing 47kg naturally and build muscle, but then also stepped on stage and competed in the Men’s Physique bodybuilding category. Hamza then decided to become certified as a personal trainer and dedicate more of his time to helping others make a change to their lives.

“The ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire. Never depend on motivation, learn to become disciplined instead.”

Hamza’s specialties are in weight loss, bodybuilding, and toning.
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